05 Dec 2014

Introducing The Balvenie TUN 1509, Batch 1

The Balvnie Tun 1401 Batch 9

If our Single Barrel is a soloist, this is The Balvenie’s greatest symphony. Masterfully orchestrated in TUN 1509, our eponymous marrying vessel, David Stewart has once again brought our finest casks together in perfect harmony to achieve an unparalleled expression.

TUN 1509, Batch 1 follows nine batches of the ever-popular TUN 1401, and allows David Stewart to continue showcasing his unique marrying techniques. In crafting this expression, Stewart once again pulls whiskies together from several decades to produce an expression that is greater than the sum of its constituent parts.

To create the inaugural batch, David carefully hand-selected 42 of the finest casks – 35 traditional American oak barrels and seven European oak sherry butts – from the distillery’s precious aged stocks before allowing them to settle in the tun for several months.

“I’ve carefully considered each of the 42 whiskies in turn and they all bring something different to the table: combinations of spice, oak, delicacy and sweetness,” says David Stewart. “This particular whisky has exceptional character: deep and rich on the nose, with floral notes, sweet vanilla and orange peel. Then it’s velvety smooth to taste with tangy citrus, mellow cinnamon spice and blossom honey.”

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