11 Oct 2013

Rare Craft Roadshow Memories: Part 2

by Brand Ambassador Lorne Cousin

If you missed Part 1 of Lorne's Roadshow Memories series, click here.

After a beautiful drive down Highway 1 and the Pacific Coast Highway, the Morgan purred into Hollywood and along Sunset Boulevard. When in Southern California, what better craftsman to visit than one who makes wooden long boards? Loyal Dean Longboards (motto…”Born in California, Made in the USA, Designed by Nature”) handcrafts long boards into amazing, random shapes.

Like snowflakes, no two are alike and therein lies the beauty. These longboards are very much sought-after, perhaps partly because of their individuality, but also perhaps because of the individuality of their makers, “Dean is a goofy foot, Loyal is not!” Throw in a trip to the Hollywood sign with the Morgan and a star-studded Rare Craft Experience attended by actors and musicians such as Wilmer Valderrama, dancers and musicians from the Madonna tour and other friends of yours truly, and the visit is complete.

Our tour of the West concluded with trips to San Diego where we visited the Ballast Point award-winning craft brewery and a trip to Studio 21 tattoo artists in Las Vegas, which unfortunately I can’t elaborate on, as the old adage says “What happens in Vegas….”

On to the Lone Star State and our first stop was Austin, where we visited the first of our craftsmen, Lightcrafters. Kent Samuelson creates unique light fittings from copper, stainless steel, mica and art glass and can do any style from Southwest to contemporary.

The second craftsman is not to be messed with. Daniel Watson aka Angel Sword hand forges custom swords, including Japanese katana, rapiers, Viking saex, sabers, tulwar, scimitars and Chinese dao! Daniel is very passionate about, and indeed educated on, his craft. His skill at the forge is a joy to behold and he has an interesting theory about King Arthur and Excalibur. Next stop, Dallas! 

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