16 Dec 2014

The Balvenie Fifty, Cask 4567

Filled with newly distilled spirit in 1963, The Balvenie Fifty, Cask 4567 was matured in a European oak sherry hogshead cask, a barrel type rarely used in the whisky industry. Over the following 50 years, while David Stewart committed himself to perfecting his craft, the spirit slowly matured into an impeccably well-rounded single malt.

The particularly long maturation creates a wonderful rich and lush whisky, sweet with dark fruits and beautifully balanced with a spicy outburst of ground ginger and cinnamon. Staying true to the character of The Balvenie, there is some oak, vanilla, and a lovely mouth coating sweetness at the end.

“It has been my greatest pleasure to have watched these casks mature over the last 50 years at The Balvenie Distillery. To now share these expressions with whisky enthusiasts around the world is truly a privilege.” —David Stewart

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Philip Dawson’s Collection

The Balvenie story has always been deeply interwoven with those who dedicate their lives to its craft. Philip Dawson, a Mash Man who’s been committed to the 5 Rare Crafts through 28 years of whisky dedication, has a passion for The Balvenie that goes way beyond his work.

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