06 Nov 2015

The Balvenie guide to a successful Home Whisky Tasting

The Scots are experts at bringing people together to enjoy whisky. We have been celebrating weddings, harvests, and even funerals for many centuries, to enjoy our uisge beatha (Gaelic for “water of life”).


Most of the times when I pour a dram, I simply want to enjoy my whisky (which is not a bad thing). But other times I want to truly appreciate the whisky in my glass.  On those occasions I will often invite friends around, pour a few drams, and journey together to discover what the magic and craft of whisky-making has given us in the bottle in front of us. Agreements and disagreements are bound to flow.


Hosting your own whisky evening should not be hard work.  Here are a few simple guidelines to take your tasting from a casual gathering to a night that your guests will talk about for a long time:

Using these guidelines you should now be all set to host your own successful whisky night. But no matter whether you start with a couple of friends, you and a sibling, or you go for a whole family tasting at the holidays, always make sure to enjoy your whisky responsibly.


The next whisky tasting is just around the corner, and next time it will be your friends’ turn to host. Set the precedent for a whisky tasting you would never want to miss.


Slàinte Mhath!


David Laird

Balvenie Ambassador, USA

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