02 Dec 2014

We proudly welcome the final release in our Single Barrel range.

The Balvnie Tun 1401 Batch 9

Arriving this fall, The Balvenie Single Barrel TRADITIONAL OAK Aged 25 Years marks the completion of our Single Barrel range.

The purest representation between craftsmanship, wood and time, The Balvenie Single Barrel relies only on the unique properties of a single cask to create an exceptional whisky.

Drawn from a single refill American oak cask, this exceptional release typifies the fabulous nuances of single barrel whisky. Hand-selected by Malt Master David Stewart, each cask is subtly different, yet all are characterized by the delicate spice and rich honeyed sweetness that comes from a lengthy maturation in refill American oak casks.

Twenty-five years in a single cask imparts a distinctly rich and complex flavor. Deep with overtures of oak, overlain with the gentle spices and silky vanilla oakiness, the TRADITIONAL OAK perfectly complements the flavor profiles of the 12yo FIRST FILL and 15yo SHERRY CASK Single Barrel expressions.

Each bottling forms a limited edition of no more than 300 hand-numbered bottles—making every bottle unique and unrepeatable.

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